Indiana University
Indiana Memorial Union

The John Whittenberger Society Board of Directors

Christian Carroll (UB '90)

Vice President:

Ann Fumarolo (UB '74 - '75)


Andrew Dahlen (UB '08, '09)

Board Members:

Susan Burns (UB '71 - '72)
Kathy Cook (UB '08)
Megan Ditton (UB '96-'97)
Michael Littenberg (UB '85 - '87)
Margarette Minor (UB ’86 – ’87)
Laura Osteen (UB ’89 – ’90, ’90, ’91)
Martin Gimenez (UB ’01)
Scott Z. Wilson (UB ’03 – ’04)

Ex Officio Members:

Jacqueline Bales (UB '14 -'15)
Cathy Deal (UB '69 -'70)
Vicky Martin
Development Director, Indiana University Foundation
Robert Meyer
Assistant Director, Activities and Events, Indiana Memorial Union
Hank Walter
Executive Director, Indiana Memorial Union
Thom Simmons
Former Associate Director, Indiana Memorial Union
Winston Shindell
Former Executive Director, Indiana Memorial Union and IU Auditorium
Jennifer Gentry
IU Alumni Association, Constituent and Affiliate Groups

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